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Coronavirus : Amazon workers strike.

Coronavirus: Amazon workers strike in the US to demand more protection.

Amazon workers strike.

A walkout also took place on Monday at Instacart, a platform for ordering races online.

Employees of the American distribution platforms Amazon and Instacart went on strike, Monday, March 30, 2020, in full containment in New York and San Francisco, accusing their employers of not protecting them enough against the new coronavirus.

Several dozen workers at Amazon’s New York warehouse on Staten Island, south of Manhattan, stopped work Monday at noon. They gathered in front of the Amazon warehouse, mask or scarf in front of their mouths for some, scattered in the parking lot, distant from each other, social distancing forces.
Under a gray sky, they held up their signs: "Our health is just essential", "Treat your employees like your customers". Or again: "It is difficult to close a business for 3-4 weeks. But it's even more difficult to close the coffin of someone you love forever !!! STAY HOME ".

Charges "unfounded", according to the group.

While the region, which has become the epicenter of the epidemic in the United States, is called for containment, these workers accuse the American giant of not taking the necessary measures to protect them.

"People who test positive work in this building and spread [the virus] to hundreds of others," said a newly created Twitter account, @Shut_downAmazon.

"These accusations are simply unfounded," Amazon reacted in a statement sent to Agence France-Presse (AFP). "We have taken extreme measures to ensure the safety of people, by carrying out a deep cleaning three times more often than usual, by purchasing the available safety equipment and by modifying the procedures in order to guarantee the safety distances", ensures the group.

"We also want to protect our customers"

Employees of the upscale chain of stores Whole Foods, which belongs to Amazon, called a strike Tuesday, demanding also increased security measures, as well as higher compensation.

For their part, buyer-deliverers of the Instacart platform, which allows them to order their races online, also stopped work on Monday. They are asking for more security and better financial conditions.

They will stop working until "all [their] requests [are] met," a spokesperson for the group "Gig Workers Collective" told AFP. "It's not just about us, we also want to protect our customers. Workers are furious that Instacart is not even doing the bare minimum during this deadly pandemic, "she added.

The Covid-19 hit nearly 157,000 people in the United States on Monday and left more than 2,880 dead, according to Johns Hopkins University, the count of which refers.

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