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The 5 main motivational factors at work.

Employee motivation is a key factor in increasing staff productivity. Indeed, it is a key element of commercial success. However, in general, the predominant factors of motivation to work depend on the person and his orientation. Explanations!

Motivation today: where are we?

Motivating yourself at work is often difficult! The motivation process is a complex phenomenon. Numerous surveys have shown that several factors can be responsible for this.

Motivation has never occupied such an important place in managerial discourse. However, paradoxically, it has never failed as much as it does today.

Demotivation can be compared to other concepts such as discomfort, stress ... It has become a priority problem to be resolved quickly.

France would obviously be demotivation champion today!

Note: France is the country with the least motivated employees (around 40%). 

This demotivation is linked to many factors such as lack of recognition, inappropriate working conditions, uninteresting goals or a lack of communication. To the question: your motivation decreases, increases or remains stable? Most of those interviewed said it was only going down.

Note: the company can obviously influence the motivation of employees and it is thanks to it that they can live.

In addition, the place of employees is changing within the company. A motivated employee at work exhibits behavior and activity that are very beneficial for the company.

However, the success of a business does not just depend on its results. The latter must find new ways to attract and retain its employees.

Note: each person has their own motivational device!

The main sources of motivation If they want the business to remain viable, managers must motivate employees. They must adapt their language, modify their management method if necessary, but also improve their communication. Here are the main motivational factors at work: 

  • Compensation : 

This is a classic lever and an undeniable motivator. However, it must have a real and lasting impact on employee motivation. Compensation is not the only thing that can motivate an employee. This can be a motivating and demotivating factor. One thing is certain: an adequate motivation system must be put in place.

  • Culture and business plan :

This is really one of the elements that will allow the employee to invest and especially to last in the business. Being interested in different projects allows you to give everything!

  • Working conditions :

For example, enjoying a certain autonomy on a daily basis is a source of motivation for the employee. In addition to being able to work in beautiful premises or even have flexible hours.

  • Management and communication :

These two elements are very important in the motivation process. Indeed, a manager who communicates allows employees to have a clear vision. Motivating through social dialogue is undeniable! Limiting conflicts and facilitating dialogue contribute to the well-being of the employee. They will be much more invested and motivated.

  • professional skills development

The increase in knowledge for example through tutoring or training will allow the employee to evolve within the company, to be more independent but also more efficient.

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