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Emotions and feelings

This is how negative feelings affect your body and harm your health. How do you get rid of it?
Everything that happens in the human body is interconnected. When you are going through emotional distress, a psychological crisis, or a general problem, negative feelings cause you physical illness, so taking care of your emotional state is very important, so expressing your negative feelings and replacing them with positive ones will ultimately help you. save yourself and worry about your health and maintain it well.
Whenever you have a negative idea, replace it with a positive one. And whenever you have a negative feeling, meditate with your breath to get to the root of the problem and start to decipher its parts to reach the most important part to solve it, and focus only on the positive.

Well, what do you think about going to find out about the emotions that are affecting your health, and here is a list of many tips for exchanging negative thoughts with positive thoughts.

Negative emotions and their effects on the body

Each emotion has a specific effect on the body, but negative emotions can be divided into five main categories.

1- Suspicion and greed affect your heart - physically

There are many metaphors about "grief" and "broken heart", and although the heart is not actually broken, suspicions of relationships or in life in general, and allow feelings of hatred and greed to controlling yourself can hurt and overload him to the max.

2- Sadness and anger affect the lungs and the large intestine:

Sadness can cause digestive problems and also make it harder to breathe. Have you noticed that if you're sad you can sigh more because your body needs deeper breathing and more oxygen?
Is the answer yes? So read on…
3- Anxiety and depression affect the spleen and stomach
Your anxiety and depression can lead to increased abdominal pain due to digestion and spleen problems near the stomach. If you cannot sleep due to a problem or excessive thinking, it can affect the spleen and appetite or cause paleness of the skin.
4- Anger affects the liver and gallbladder
Anger is not healthy for the liver, and this is confirmed by experts: anger also causes indigestion, diarrhea in women and menstrual disorders, and anger management and an inability to express anger can negatively affect the liver and even cause damage to it.
5- Fear and laziness affect the kidneys and bladder
It is the inability to control thinking about past negative experiences that causes these feelings. Failure to control emotions can affect kidney health.
6- Joy affects the heart
A high level of enthusiasm can cause heart shock, whether caused by negative or positive events and pressures, as well as certain side effects such as anxiety, insomnia, and the emergence of health problems. cardiac.
7- Laughter reduces stress
When you laugh, the tension goes away, and when you like your feelings of fear go away, and when you are happy, the depression goes down, and therefore these simple positive feelings can save your life and add extra years to the life, and that is why it is advised that positive thinking is necessary.

Studies have shown that negative or positive feelings affect memory; that the most beautiful and the emotions, such as marriage or the birth of a child, or the success of the study remain in memory, other than negative.
Other studies have also indicated that negative feelings contribute to the weakening of our memory, as the subconscious works hard to promote forgetting about it.

Negative emotions and the need to replace them
The great psychiatrist Carl Jung said that each of us has negative feelings and certain traits that we prefer to hide. It is part of your personality that you cannot break, just as every negative emotion that you face does not escape, but is instead replaced by its opposite.
We will give you some known negative emotions and positive analogs which should be replaced with:
1- Doubt and its return of confidence
2- Greed and its overthrow of mercy or charity
3- Sadness and its reversal of joy
4- Anger and its overthrow of acceptance or peace
5- Anxiety and comfort
6- Depression, its vitality and its energy
7- Anger and its overthrow of gratitude
8- The hesitation and its reversal of courage
9- Hatred and the opposite of love
10- Laziness and its reversal of enthusiasm and activity
This list varies based on different psychological research, and the most important part is finding a passion that helps you replace the negative feelings you are having.

How do you change your feelings?
Everyone faces negative emotions and the key to solving this crisis is not to allow us to live with these feelings for a long time and to quickly go from negative to positive, try the following:
1- Move: whether it's running ، practicing yoga or anything else ، moving away from somewhere can instantly change your mood.
2- Watch something inspiring: maybe a documentary or a video clip or listen to a song and try to get positive messages.
3- Make a list of your favorite things ، or call a friend to thank them for your support.
4- Act as if you were in a good mood: imagine if you were having fun today ، what would you do? And do it immediately.
5- Plan a visit to a place and implement it: you should know that canceling the plans will put you in the negative cycle and the difficulty of changing them....
it's not over yet soon change your negative feelings to positive.

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