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The power of your negative feelings

How to intelligently transform negative emotions into positive force


The power of negative emotions

Unwanted feelings can sometimes be unbearable and their consequences can be disastrous (butterfly effect theory), because under their influence, many do not take advantage of the present moment, so they live their life a negative energy cycle and lose the incentive to develop.
The reason these feelings affect people's lives in this way is that they don't know how to channel their feelings in the right direction.

Space shuttles push against Earth's direction with tremendous force when launched, which is caused by the combustion process that takes place inside the body of the shuttle.
And now, if this tremendous power is misdirected. What's going to happen?
The shuttle can explode if such energy is not allowed to leave its body, this is exactly what happens to you!

If the example is not convincing for some.

An experience lived by most of us who were not exposed to a situation whose concern was to survive. A power that does not know where it comes from.
Let's finish our subject if the idea becomes clear.
These bad and unwanted feelings can provide you with tremendous motivational power so that you can get everything you want in your life, if you hire it in the right place.
Negative feelings are power and motivation.

Let us force this force.


1- Jealousy: 

this is one of the most powerful feelings that people have. People who don't know how to control their jealousy and point it in the right direction, usually resort to a weak method, and he called those who are jealous of them with bad words, and criticize them ... because they could be treacherous (stab them in the back) when possible for them, but when you look at the jealousy from another angle, angle Full cup. You will discover that it can be your main source of stimulation. How? 'Or' What ...? Instead of using this power to hate others, use it as motivation to succeed more than those who aroused your zeal.

2- Anxiety:

one of the negative feelings that have a strong impact on the human body. (Explanation) You may feel very anxious before taking any of the exams, and the pressure you feel will frustrate (destroy you) or provide you with the energy to work harder in your studies. So this energy, if used wisely, will give you the ability to cope with the most difficult. To overcome fear and anxiety for a better future, you need to develop new skills to prove to your subconscious that you are ready for the challenges ahead. Nothing can provide you with the energy to acquire such skills more than the power of anxiety.

3- Nostalgia for ... 

People regret each missing person, each time or dream that has not come true ... That is to say, what makes some people aspire to their past, it is their belief that their present will not be as beautiful as the past. But the truth is, this nostalgia can be a powerful engine to guide you towards building a much better future than the past you dream of. Like the past is a basket of experiences that helps you avoid making the same mistake, even in another form.

4- Insecurity: 

The feeling of insecurity is one of the very strong feelings that if you face it in the wrong way, you will live all your life without moving a finger (without taking advantage of your capacities), and on the contrary, if you direct this energy in the right direction, you will feel a strong motivation to end your feeling Not sure. As I explained earlier, the focus is on the most important part of the cycle of negative emotions and on using this energy to achieve positive goals.

5- Pressure :

Either it generates explosions for us, or diamonds can produce it.
People have always said that pressure produces diamonds, but that does not happen in all cases. If you can't find a way to steer this pressure in the right direction, it will frustrate you, but if you can use this energy properly, you will do wonderful things in your life.

Read the success stories of celebrities who have accomplished great deeds, because as a stimulus, you will find that most of them have reached their present times only because of the enormous pressure to which they have been exposed.

The wisdom behind it: the bad feelings that cause you a lot of pressure may not be as bad as you thought, but on the contrary, it may be the means that will lead you to greatness.

Translation: Torch Of Hope
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