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Top 10 : Euro to Dollar!

Exchange rates The British research team has compiled a report on the opinions of exchange experts on the current expectations of the EUR / USD currency pair from 10 leading Forex market analysts.

10 short and medium term euro currency analysts' opinions and expert opinions
Sean Osborne, Chief FX Strategist at Scotiabank

"The short-term EUR / USD technique is neutral. The common currency hit yesterday's low yesterday and appears to be stabilizing, at least in the short term, at the low of 1.08 - solid support around the brand 1.08 - after failing to maintain strength, first trading hours reach peak. Level at 1.0879 has returned to broad negative trend from Tuesday high, and euro losses could approach at the end of the week and we think that a close above 1.08 for the week could put it in front of a slight recovery Sunday evening / Monday morning despite the fact that the price movement since the last part From March, this indicates that the euro will not take one last step above 1.09 soon Resistance is 1.0880 / 90 ".
Avery Shenfield, CIBC

"We are a little more negative than the consensus [Durable Goods Orders - March], which could see the dollar drop with bond yields.

Chris Turner, ING

In his speech "The Moment of Truth", French President Emmanuel Macron stressed the need to collect (Taji) debts to face the crisis of "Covid 19" and maintain the European Union project in a sustainable and credible manner, however, the opposition from the northern European Union countries remains in place. The crossbar was placed on a height so that a solution would be agreed during the conference of leaders of the European Union next Thursday. Even without Coronabond, our economists expect the European Union to continue to run and ultimately find a solution to save face, and this in our view prevents the building of significant risk premiums in the euro during the current Covid-19 crisis and the decline in risk premiums brought in by the euro (even with the help of the bank The European Central Bank, which should mitigate the decline in construction through the pandemic emergency purchase program from the European Central Bank). So let us assume that EUR / USD will rise during the summer months as the strong growth of the Federal Reserve balance sheet affects the dollar. "

Lars Sparso Merklin, senior analyst at Danske

"The natural preposition may be seeing the EUR / USD pair higher than here as the global economy recovers from the coronavirus - after all, the US dollar is at historically strong levels and the evaluation suggests that EUR / USD belongs closer to 1.20 than parity for example. For example, but we see two, but the crisis may not be behind us despite the maximum number of viruses due to the uncertainty about the economic consequences and the risk of new waves of viruses. Second, the crisis highlighted the areas of vulnerability in the region: the union remains a slow-growing region, accompanied by With weak dynamics, they must be pursued by a political response Echoed uncoordinated recent crises and the last. "

“For a year to come, the consensus now appears to be anticipating a pick-up in activity as well as resolving Italian debt problems and Britain’s exit from the European Union, while we see a prior budget risk and tighter monetary tightening here in late 2020. However, we do not see a level going back and forth In the EUR / USD pair over the next year this opinion is expressed by selling a 12M 40D throttle in the Danske FX trading portfolio, obtaining a reward of 514 points (target prices) the strategy is profitable if the EUR / USD trades below 1.1729 or 1.0225 above due, Where strikes give way to both an assessment reflection and a "re-settlement of problems." Credit in euros.

Cathy Lane, BK Asset Management

“In the past few weeks, we have been discussing why the dollar is climbing well and badly because investors view the outlook for the rest of the world as worse. This is one reason why the 3-year euro could test at 1.0636 against the US dollar, while Europe is slowly emerging from the depths of the COVID closing -19, the region was the second most important point, which means that economic data will get worse faster, we have mostly seen February and March data such as euro zone industrial production numbers, which fell 0.1% in February - April numbers will be ugly, as European countries are resuming Its activity is earlier in the United States, which can be positive or negative for the currency depending on whether it is learning from Asia’s mistakes or seeing a second wave of me anyway. ”

Andreas Steno Larsen, Nordea Markets

"Given that tourism is essentially the most important mechanism for redistribution in the eurozone, Spain, Portugal, Greece and Italy own an average of approximately 20% of GDP from tourism (a large part of it comes from tourism in northern Europe), which is a problem The euro group will face a big deal in the end, if we are right, the borders will remain almost closed throughout the year 2020. The euro problem has not yet become, and we hope that will not happen, but it will require financial transfers in a timely manner within the eurozone, and in general, this euro group will not take Decisions until there is no major leakage. This is a reason for doubting the possibility of wear Be aware of the EUR / USD (and reason to expect semi-annual price differences between the EUR), even if all US dollar impressions end in liquidation to a lower US dollar as we expect. It also means that you will probably find better currencies to shorten the dollar against the dollar more than the euro once the downtrend begins The Australian Dollar could be well respected (having been in the AC direction for some time positive) because China could help Australia bounce - but it's too early to join this story. .


“While the coronary virus crisis appeared in Europe, the euro initially held relatively well against the US dollar. The euro has been measured since early February, and is the fourth best performing currency in the G10 after safe havens, the Japanese yen, the US dollar, and the Swiss franc: the eurozone has a large surplus In the current account, which is likely to provide some protection for the euro as euro-based funds get rid of their possession of risky assets. In the month, the euro has performed poorly against the US dollar, and the weakness of the single currency is also evident in the downward trend of the EUR / CHF, which has reached This is Espoo To a new low of four years ago despite the recent increase in the Swiss Central Bank intervention in the foreign exchange market we have been saying for years that the ideal euro area will be the best solution to the Swiss central bank battles with the strength of the Swiss franc against the euro indicates that the euro may be on About to downward pressure.

"President Macron's warnings about the collapse of the European Union unless he finds a way to share the costs of the coronary virus crisis with countries like Italy is the latest reminder of the important issues at stake in the recent eurozone debt crisis warning that if politicians are not judged positively During the crisis, populism is likely to increase its presence in Europe, and that could have serious repercussions for Europe. Cohesion of the European Union and the potential European monetary union, Macron recalled France’s “massive” mistake in demanding compensation from Germany after World War I and the populist response that hampered It is expected that the European Union will hold a video conference on April 23 to discuss the way forward, the results of which could have a decisive impact on Eurozone assets for years to come. We expect a drop to 1.05 EUR / USD over the course of 3 months, but policy will remain the key to expectations euro.

Robin Willkin, Lloyd's Bank

"Prices experienced a setback warned by our intraday studies yesterday. We are now in the midst of current contractual ranges. While under 1.0990, risks remain for a deeper setback towards 1.0810-1.0750. Below, it reopens the risk of a return to the support test 1.0635-1.0590 if prices could rise to 1.0990 , There is room to extend to 1.10.80 before the previous highest reaction levels at 1.1170. There is no confirmation that 1.0635 is at least the lowest mid-term level for recovery towards the 1.14-1.15 region. The clear break at 1.0635-1.0590 is likely to drop to The lowest level in 2017 in the region is 1.0340 ".

Mark Andre Fongern, Fongern Global Forex

"Foreign exchange markets are likely to wait for further action by the Federal Reserve, so the dollar is temporarily paused at the moment, copper prices are showing more signs of life and the price of gold is falling sharply. This week was a mixture of hope and sorrow."

Eric Brieger, Exchange Bank of Canada

"It was a very tense 24 hour period for the EUR / USD. Yesterday's mixed US dataset gave buyers ample reason to give up their attempt on the 1.09 handle, and quickly started to pass through 1.0850 to reach the next level of chart support in the 1.0820s that resulted in significant buying flows The US dollar, before and after the London closure, exacerbated this decline in the euro against the US dollar and we believed that the news created extensions of the United Kingdom and New York's closing tone of moderate risk, and this negativity began to be reflected during the afternoon in New York after President Trump announced a health conference. J large at 6 pm EST to detect the reopening of the economy guidelines, and having said that there may be infrastructure package worth 2 trillion dollars.

After that, the STAT EURUSD headline saw a recovery of 1.0850 at the start of Asia, but China's first quarter GDP appears to once again set a bad mood in Europe. The market is now trying to rebound from 1.0820 again this morning, and we think the 10amet options expiring today (1.9 billion euros between 1.0835 and 1.0850) will likely keep prices stuck here. "


“While we see reasons for the EUR to move forward (possibly a mutual debt problem; see Macron's interview on the Financial Times today), it's not yet time to see the US dollar for that, with fragile global risks and perhaps about to shift to more risks, we expect a bottom to be broken April is at 1.0769 in the short term. More selling pressure will be seen in the second half of this month. In the G10 foreign exchange trading area, we expect the USD / CAD to rise to last month's highs near 1.4500 ".

Richard Perry, Hantec Markets

“We have noticed the increased corrective pattern that has evolved over the EUR / USD pair in the past two sessions. He took a step forward yesterday as a decisive break from the three-week bullish trend was confirmed by a second candle and we are now seeing low highs and weaker lows forming as the dollar starts to The rally, which is reflected in the negative bias that develops on the daily momentum indicators, which are also found in the hourly chart. The upper axis has been broken and the bottom side has been used as a base of resistance, the pivot axis has become between $ 1.0890 / 1.0925 resistance base. Reaction to reflux This morning is key, as the rally from yesterday's low of $ 1.0815 is back to the resistance area at $ 1.0890, if the dollar's rise continues to rise, it will be a barrier and a possible area for another lower zone, with the daily momentum and hourly chart showing a negative pattern now "We prefer to use the highs as an opportunity to sell. A crucial step below 1.0830 will largely open a support test from early April low around $ 1.0770."

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