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Traditional Moroccan couscous recipe

I offer you the couscous recipe in stages, a simple recipe that requires a lot of regulation and rigor. After a little training, you will become a pro in this dish.


General definition:

"Couscous, couscous or couscous (in the usual language, couscous or couscous, or couscous in Morocco, Algeria, in eastern Libya or couscous in Algeria, Tunisia, in the west from Libya, Egypt, Mauritania or Barbouse in Algeria) is an old Arabic meal mentioned by Ibn Duraid in the 3rd century AH in It is written in the linguistic population under the name of couscous. Couscous is made from flour of wheat or corn in the form of small grains, and it is eaten with spoons or by hand. It is steamed and added to meat, vegetables, green beans or milk, or butter and fine sugar according to taste and occasion In all Maghreb countries, couscous is prepared with the standard meat solution Kale, eggplant, red squash, etc. are made with broth. , it is served without broth or vegetables only couscous with milk.

It is one of the main dishes known since Antiquity and which is not absent from the table. There are those who cook it daily, which is a common food in most regions of North Africa (Morocco - Algeria - Mauritania - Tunisia - Libya) and in Sicily in Italy and even in France, where it is the second favorite meal of the French.

In 2019, the Maghreb countries (Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania and Tunisia) submitted a request to the United Nations Culture and Science Organization (UNESCO), so that the popular couscous dish be included in the list of intangible cultural heritage. "

Get ready, go!

For a more impressive result, it is important to follow certain rules:

Use couscous to cook the broth. The semolina is also better prepared, because it is more digestible and light without forgetting that it reveals the good flavors that the broth provides.

- To do this, use precooked semolina. You can find it in grocery stores.

Do not mix the meat, choose only one variety. Chicken is just as good as veal.

Use fresh vegetables that you prepare yourself. It depends on your tastes and the season, you are free to change the pleasures. If you want to make couscous with the rest of your vegetables, the amount of vegetables is also a matter of taste. Some like couscous well decorated with vegetables, others with tafia ...

Do not eat too much spices, couscous is a matter of meat and vegetables, because these ingredients only give a good taste. We only have buckwheat, pepper, saffron and ground ginger as the seasoning for couscous with vegetables.

Respect the cooking time of each ingredient.

- Taste from time to time to know the salt level.

Here is the recipe for couscous with seasonal vegetables.

For 6 persons About two hours

For the soup:
1.5 kg of meat.
2 white onions
A small bunch of parsley.
A large cup of dry chickpeas
4c. Neutral oil
Seasoning: 1 teaspoon full of store head, 1 teaspoon black pepper, 1/2 teaspoon ginger, 1 teaspoon saffron pesters, ground ginger coffee, Knorr cube broth, very sweet pepper like a little green pepper called "chili" and salt.

Vegetables: 4 large carrots, 2 zucchini, 4 turnips, 2 potatoes or sweet potatoes, 1 piece of squash, beans. And if you want to diversify: white cabbage, pepper, eggplant (be careful, it's the coloring of the sauce), 1 to 2 tomatoes ...

About 4 liters of water
For couscous with semolina:
1 kg medium couscous
2 to 4 teaspoons. Olive oil
1/2 cup of water at medium temperature
Salt Margarine.

Preparation of the broth:

Put the oil in a bowl of couscous, heat and add the pieces of meat in large pieces.
Add the chopped onions to the large slices, parsley and spices and mix. After a few moments, the color of the meat should be slightly red but not much, unlike the color of the tagine.

Add chickpeas and chilli.

TIP: For my part, I soaked chicken the night before in lukewarm tap water overnight. The next day, I empty, then put in a large bag and put it in the freezer until the time is right. It does not spoil the taste and is very practical.

Mix, then sprinkle with water, generously cover all the meat. Cover and cook while preparing the vegetables and semolina.

Meanwhile, clean and peel the vegetables and cut them into large pieces.

For example: carrots and zucchini once across the width and then once across the length. Potato and turnip quartered lengthwise, leave the beans too, cut the pumpkin
Once the meat becomes half thin and separated from the bone. Add the turnip and carrots, get 15 minutes, then add the rest of the vegetables and let stand for 15 minutes.

The pumpkin is cooked separately in a pan with a ball of broth and a ball of water.

Taste and adjust the spices.

TIP: Do not mix the broth, cook it well, making sure there is a lot of broth covering the meat and vegetables even at the end of cooking.

The meat should be very tender, well cooked. Vegetables should be fine without turning them into mash.

Preparation of couscous with semolina:
In a large bowl of salt, place the couscous, salt and a good spray of olive oil.

Mix with your fingers (not the whole hand) to cover the seeds. Sprinkle a little water while mixing.

The couscous is moistened in this way, without drying out because it is not made of leather.
The seeds germinate, spoil them and have a damp effect.

Then place the couscous semolina on the hot pre-couscous on the broth.

Turn the two-part fraction over with a seal (I'm talking about here), or fail with a wrapped plastic bag or tea towel.

You can cover the couscous or leave it there. For my part, I cover it to take full advantage of the increase in steam.

TIP: Prepare a damp cloth dipped in flour and water paste, which will serve as a stopcock without letting the steam escape.

After a few minutes of cooking (about 15 minutes), remove the couscous and place it on a large plate (we usually use a clay dish).

Sprinkle a little water and mix it with a wooden spoon or your hands to aerate the seeds. Attention it is so hot!

Go back to the top of the couscous and repeat the process 3 to 5 times after 15 to 20 minutes, with just a cuckoo. Do not hesitate to taste it. In the last step, add 1/4 teaspoon. Tasting of coffee or rotten butter depending on the flavor and gives a subtle taste.

TIP: Sprinkle the couscous with a teaspoon of broth and mix, and it will absorb all the flavors.


Place the couscous in a large hollow dish. Dig a hole in the middle. Sprinkle all the couscous with broth and get 3 balls.

We put the meat in the center and decorate the vegetables evenly: carrot, zucchini, potato ... We finish the pumpkin and chickpeas. Sprinkle the broth again. Place the rest of the broth in a bowl to serve on the table.

Serve immediately hot too. Delicious with porridge, fermented milk or curd.
Enjoy your meal...

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