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100 useful websites

List of 100 useful websites to help you with everything in your life 

The list of 100 useful and unique sites that includes all aspects of life make sure that you will find from this list more than 25 distinct sites that will impress you personally because they are diverse for all groups and will definitely help you in browsing the Internet or in your regular life whether you are site owners or bloggers or businessmen or Even from social networking users, designers, or people who are generally obsessed with technology, or also for new followers, movies on the Internet, or you are a regular visitor browsing the Internet, you will find in this list very useful websites, but they are not known to many of you


In this topic, I have compiled a list of 100 useful and unique sites that include various aspects of life. Make sure that you will find from this list more than 25 special sites that will impress you personally because they are diverse for all groups and will definitely help you in browsing the Internet or in your normal life. Whether you are a site owner or a blogger Or from businessmen, or even from users of social websites, designers, or people who are generally obsessed with technology, or also for new followers, movies on the Internet, or you are a regular visitor browsing the Internet, you will find in this list very useful websites, but they are not known to many of you.

1. Alexa.com - Provides data on the Internet, provides visitor data and ranks of all sites on the Internet.

2. SpeedTest.net - an easy way to test your internet speed.

3. iconfinder.com - Free icon search engine.

4. Archive.org - A Time Back Machine to see what sites looked like in the past.

5. FlightStats.com - global flight tracker and travel planning.

6. Imgur.com - the most popular photo hosting and sharing website.

7. Askboth.com - one search engine to get results from Google, Bing and Twitter together!

8. Wolframalpha.com - The Knowledge Engine has questions about anything and will answer you with the most accurate answers.

9. StatsCrop.com - Site Analyzer gives you information and data on websites on the Internet - for free

10. youtube.com/leanback - Watch YouTube in TV mode.

11. GTMetrix.com - Check the speed of your site or any website on the Internet.

12. sleepyti.me - a site that tells you the best time to sleep and to regulate sleep time.

13. Snapito.com - Capture a complete snapshot of sites (along their length).

14. WordCounterTool.com - a site to calculate how many words a subject contains and also calculates your typing speed.

15. SmallSEOTools.com - A site that contains 59 SEO tools, checking beige authority, checking the ranking of topics in Google in relation to search words and comparing sites to each other and a lot.

16. Xmarks.com - a powerful tool for saving favorite sites in browsers and retrieving them (useful in case of installing a new Windows, do not waste your favorite sites in your browser).

17. TwitterFeed.com - Create feed links for your sites and link them with your Twitter account, Facebook page, and more.

18. ManageFlitter.com - Manage your Twitter profile in an organized and advanced way.

19. Paper.li - news platform. Be a news publisher with paper.li and twitter.

20. Ustream.tv - One of the best websites that allows you to broadcast or watch live broadcasts anytime, anywhere.

21. Zamzar.com - a website for converting file formats to hundreds of different extensions online.

22. translate.google.com - Translate texts in all international languages.

23. Vocaroo.com - Record your voice online and also download it in various formats.

24. Cutmp3.net - Easily cut online MP3 files online.

25. Similarsites.com - Find sites similar to your favorite sites.

26. PaperRater.com - Free service to extract spelling errors, analyze your writing in English and give you tips and directions for improving writing.

27. Keybr.com - How fast are you writing? Learn how fast you write with Keybr.

28. Pastebin.com - is a website where you can store text online for a certain period of time.

29. IsitDownRightNow.com - Check your favorite sites whether they work or not only work for you (the problem is from your device or your country or is it a general problem).

30. PeekYou.com - The Search Engine. To find your friends on other social networks by username, first name or last name.

31. MyIPAddress.com - Know your IP address.

32. MailStrom.co - a widely used tool for cleaning mailboxes. Gmail - Outlook and any other email service that supports IMAP.

33. ProxySite.com - Quickly access any website without giving up your privacy (browse while you are hidden).

34. Google Drive - Save photos, stories, designs, graphics, recordings and videos. You start with 15 GB of free storage from Google online.

35. woorank.com - One of the most popular tools and website for doing website analysis and review as well as seo. Lets you create an advanced review to track and improve your website.

36. PDFmyURL.com - Convert any title or web page to PDF online.

37. TrueCaller.com - Truecaller converts the phonebook to make it smarter and more useful.

38. XE.com - You can directly calculate currencies and foreign exchange rates with this free currency converter.

39. Mint.com - The Mint website dedicated to tracking and managing personal funds. Mint automatically pulls all your financial information in one place.

40. .- OldVersion.com OldVersion.com provides the community with old versions of various programs and games (because not always the modern version of the software is better) !! .

squir.io - 41 - Speed ​​up the skill of reading articles and articles on the website. Squirt.io.

42. Duckduckgo.com - A search engine that doesn't track you? Privacy - Personalization without ads, one click and other features.

43. Goo.gl - Google's Shortcut Links Website to shorten long links and track clicks in real time.

44. stumbleupon.com - a drive to discover websites. It includes a group of the best pages and topics on the Internet.

45. About.me - Create a unique page to introduce yourself through About.me services.

46. ​​evernote.com - Writing notes and saving ideas through Evernote, which supports all systems, uses 10 million on Android only !! .

47. ResizeYourImage.com - Resize your photos, free and easy.

48. GoogleWebDesigner - Free and easy tool for creating HTML or 3 HTML5 ads within minutes.

49. MyFonts.com - Learn about the types of fonts and the name of the font through the image (useful for designers to know the type of fonts on the image).

50. QRStuff.com - A free site for creating qr codes.

51. OnlineConcersion.com - Convert anything to anything.

52. Plaxo.com - Plaxo helps you organize, manage, and access your contacts in one place.

53. MiiCard.com - Your online internet identity.

54. WeTransfer.com - Share large files for free and secure. Up to 2GB can be sent simultaneously.

55. PrivNote.com - Send notes that will self-destruct after reading them.

56. Join.me - Easily share your desktop to display content on your device to a specific person or group of people and you want to display this content live and directly (such as desktop sharing applications but this method from the web) for free.

57. IMDb.com - Specially for movie fans. Find any movie and what is the name of the actor in this movie.

58. TypingWeb.com - Register on the site and learn how to write and master the keyboard easily in English.

59. TwitLonger.com - Tweeting on Twitter is longer than 140 characters.

60. TwitterSpirit.com - Automatically delete a Tweet after it has been posted on Twitter.

61. HootSuite.com - an excellent and practical website for managing multiple social network accounts at once.

62. Quora.com - The Source of Knowledge. Question and answer site.

63. LeanDomainSearch.com - It is a free tool with which you can get a long list of many domains available on the topic of your site and the target keyword from your site or blog. Search shows thousands of related domains that are available for registration.

64. paypal - a faster and safer world for transferring, receiving, and sending money online, paying and getting paid.

65. Who.is - search for full information about any domain name or website (website owner's identity - mail - domain - server type ... etc).

66. Safeweb.norton.com - Do you want to log in and do not know whether it is safe and does not contain malicious links? You can use this service from the protection giant Norton.

67. Unfurlr.com - Unfurlr website to make sure shortcuts are safe.

68. PushBullet.com - Watch the notifications of your Android phone on your desktop screen.

69. RandomCodeGenerator.com - This tool can generate up to 100,000 unique random codes at one time.

70. DMCA.com - Protect Your Content.

71. Cnet.com - Technology news and product reviews as well as safe software and application downloads.

72. OnlineChartTool.com - At Onlinecharttool you can design and share your maps online for free.

73. WpThemeDetector - The perfect and free tool for discovering the template and plugins used on any website that uses WordPress on the Internet.

74. HTML.net - Learn to create and develop a website in HTML -PHP -CSS.

75. Pixabay.com - You can use any image inside this site for free without mentioning the source (without copyright), and even use it for commercial purposes.

76. Klout.com - is one of the sites that measures the influence and popularity of a particular account on the Internet on social media.

78. BugMeNot.com - BugMeNot contains thousands of accounts already registered in many websites that the user can rely on if he is not interested in actual registration in some of the sites that require this.

79. Scr.im - This site converts the user's email address into a short title format so that you can publish it on social websites without fear that this address will occur with automated hacking software.

80. GetNotify.com - This site can track the emails the user sends and notify him if the recipient has opened and read it, as well as provide numerous information about the recipient.

81. TinEye.com - The best image search engine and image source in detail, where and when they were published.

82. Noteflight.com - For hobbyists, you can compose songs and print musical manuscripts.

83. FaxZero.com - Send free faxes (5 free faxes per day - useful for business people).

84. StickK.com - Sign a contract with the site to increase your commitment to achieving your goal.

85. Boxoh.com - The ability to track any shipment by Tracking Number - tracking the shipments of DHL, Fedex, UPS or TNT and other shipping companies ..

86. PicMonkey.com - free online photo editor to edit photos and add aesthetic effects and touches to the photo.

87. Yammer.com - Private social network that helps employees Collaboration between departments, websites and business applications is intended only for employees, companies and the business sector.

88. myfitnesspal.com -You can now track the number of calories you gain and lose daily with this site that contains a large database on many different meals and exercises.

89. ScribbleMaps.com - Are you a fan of cartography? This site allows you to write or draw anything on Google Maps and modify it and more.

90. Fiverr.com - Hiring people to accomplish small tasks for a specified period for $ 5 or to sell you services starting from $ 5 as well or more for a specified period.

91. oanda.com - To convert the value of any currency to another currency, such as comparing the value of the Algerian dinar, for example, to the US dollar or the euro.

92. FitDay.com - Track and analyze your diet, weight loss, diet and fitness through the internet.

93. bounceapp.com - to share ideas on the global virtual network in an easy and fun way.

94. virustotal.com - the best site to scan for any suspicious file or virus supplied with an email.

95. Kiva.org - a non-profit organization that allows people to loan money online to low-income business owners and students in more than 70 countries including Arab countries.

96. Mixlr.com - is a simple way to share live audio over the Internet.

97. ShoeBoxApp.com - Store unlimited photos and retrieve photos anytime available for iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac and PC.

98. Mathway.com - Solve Mathematical Problems of All Kinds of Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, and Home Statistics.

99. CalorieKing.com - A site that provides information such as calories and protein intake for different foods.

100. CamelCamelCamel.com - A great site that gives you a reading of the price of the item on Amazon, the history of cuts that have occurred and its price now, when the price has gone up and when all you have to do is copy the link of the goods on Amazon and put them on the site and then click on Find.


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