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I have always been interested in these people who have a very painful experience and who then take advantage of this drop to do crazy work.



The singer Christine and the queens were the queens of Victoris de la Music. I've heard of this shy girl's shows and songs before, but I don't know anything about her anymore.

She knew she had finally figured out what she wanted to do with her life after an emotional disappointment.

It reminded me of another broken heart that enjoyed the wonders, the singer Adele. He was also abandoned and avenged by creating a song that delights the ears of millions of people.


Sometimes it takes the energy of despair to dare to do something crazy. Well, I would like to believe that we can get there without having to go through this stage of absolute sadness but it is true that the difference often arises from beauty (provided that we can stop diving at some point) . Leave or compose this story. Otherwise, if I was sure I would do something great, I would ask my friend to drop me off immediately. (But no, I'm messing around !!!!!!) Unfortunately, there are also people who suffer from the worst things and do nothing after that.

But sometimes you have to feel free to dare. When it couldn't get worse, it could be better (Wow, that's the phrase !!!!!! It's Monday morning, so you will forgive me!) So why don't you try what we don't not, dare not do it before.


In this regard, a friend sent me a link to an article which he spoke about exactly. It is the story of a man ready to hit the jackpot in the American version of "Who Wants to Win Millions" and loses a huge sum by answering the wrong question. (The article is long, finally, but interesting even if you have a little time in front of you, here it is.) Finally, lost ... It was virtual money because it still had gained nothing. But for him, it was the same. This failure created a catalyst that he finally decided to live his dream. He knew "the worst" and he was not dead, so why not try everything on everyone ...

Give it to yourself, we are not all born to be king of the charts but there is always something, even if it is not art. I remember this woman who wrote to tell me that she, who was mistreated in her work, decided to give up everything to go and raise sheep on the other side of the world.

I read in the press this weekend an article on Hans Ernie, this Swiss painter for 106 years, and his motto is "Ta panta rhei" or "Tout y va". Everything passes, everything is only movement and happiness is just as unhappy. So he just dared to do it.

Well, it's also my mother's motto and I prefer to tell you that when she gave it to me when I failed the exam or when I was abandoned by a man, I would have preferred to to say what was happening to me was horrible and I was poor, but it was too late, she was right. Everything is going well, and often for the best if we can overcome the ordeal.

However, get to work and have a good week!

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