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Full explanation of IFTTT

IFTTT a tool that everyone should use without exception!

IFTTT Experience.


The world of the web and the Internet has become a lot of fluff. Do you agree with me? When Facebook emerged for example as a social site and its predecessor Twitter, and achieved tremendous success, many began thinking about creating a private social site, including those who succeeded such as Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and others who did not succeed, of course, and this conflict and confusion, made us We create dozens of accounts in different social and non-social sites as well, so we were made in an inevitable cycle that you cannot get out of by pulling your foot from them, but the worst problem with all this is the ability to manage all these sites at once, for example it is not permissible to open a group of sites and try to manage them All of them at once, it is very difficult of course, especially if you are one of the users of it A fortune or people with emerging projects that rely on the social media as a basic paragraph for it to expand the scope of its work, from among all the ashes of this site, this Phoenix site, which has taken the name of IFTTT as its name, is an abbreviation of the phrase If This Then This, and We will explain in the rest of the topic what exactly this phrase is, and we will also explain while we walk around this topic, the great benefit that you will get for your use of the free IFTTT service, of course.

What is IFTTT?

IFTTT is an acronym for the phrase If This Then This, and it is a site that provides you with integrated services for all of your accounts in social networking sites, not not only social accounts, but sometimes it also extends to certain programs such as Skype, and it may reach your Android device or Ios as well, IFTTT service is more than an integrated service if you want to facilitate the management of your own projects via networking sites, or also manage your devices, your sites and programs with the click of a button.
IFTTT allows you to enter a group of your accounts on social media and integrate them all into the site, so this and that control becomes like drinking water, then you can specify a set of options that allow you to include between certain social sites such as Facebook and Twitter, for example By modifying and selecting one of the options available so that everything you post on Twitter is automatically published to Facebook, or vice versa, we will explain it in detail in the next paragraphs.

IFTTT website interface:

veiw page

After you enter the site and register an account in it and enter it, you will notice that it has a very simple and wonderful interface, the site contains 3 main sections at the top along with your account settings on the opposite side, the first Discover, and it is special for searching for Appelets (we will explain later In the next paragraphs), then there is Search, which is specific to searching for specific Appelets, and the last is My Applets to review your Applets that you previously chose, you will find in the site interface as well, that it suggests to you a group of specific apps with specific categories, for example Applets We Love which are A group of Applets, depending on the type you like or the one you use the most (shown in the special image) Connie Bpluzr much I rely on in Blogger), and there are multiple patterns of these gatherings until I'll let you discover them on your own.
It may be mentioned, for programmers, of course, that the site was programmed with Ruby on Rails.

The true meaning of IFTTT.

I also told you (twice) that IFTTT is an abbreviation of the phrase If This Then This, simply, there are two sections in this phrase, the first section is the reason or the first factor if you will, and it is meant by If This, and the second is the applied event and the second factor is Then This, the first factor contains the verb that the user must do, and it is, as I told you, he can be anything, yes anything, for example, if I post on my Facebook account, or I post on my Twitter account, or I open my phone, or I publish a video on YouTube, and the options are very, very many and unlimited, and let us choose, for example, "Publish on a page on Facebook", and the second factor is the Action or the verb that will be done when the first action is done. If the first verb is "posting to a Facebook page", then action is to post the same post on Twitter, or re-post it to Instagram ... etc., that is, simply, I made what are called applets on the site, It is "If you post on my Facebook page, then authorize the same post on Twitter", and here I quote the name If This Then This.


In the previous paragraph we created what are called applets, which is "If you post on Facebook, post on Twitter", but it is always difficult for me to always use my own Applets, especially since the ideas are almost limited, aren't they, so the site helps you to skip this matter, and He tells you, go ahead, here are some of the apps made by other users, and here are some events that will help you, and it is enough to choose from them what you want and then click on them and modify them with your accounts, and here you have made it a lot easier.


The purpose of IFTTT.

The supreme goal of the site is to facilitate the management of social networking sites. For me, for example, as a blogger, I choose a set of blogging apps, such as posting any post I write automatically on: Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, Digg, Delecious, Instapaper and the list goes on, Yes, immediately after I publish this post now, it will be published automatically on all these sites automatically on all communication sites - except for Facebook because I did not run it - without any effort or trouble, and previously, before using the add-on, I had to access each site separately and that Publish on each site individually, and the matter was very tired, it has made this extension a lot easier, and it will make it easier for you to Also dear reader.

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