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What do you know about bad habits? How do you get rid of them ?!


Bad habits are repetitive negative behaviors that always start as mechanisms of coping and stress reduction, reaching mood, relaxation, and then feeling better, so the individual becomes happy, satisfied with complete self-satisfaction. Therefore, when we hear about bad habits, our thoughts involuntarily turn to alcohol and alcohol addiction, smoking or drug use, but what if you bite your nails with your teeth, or procrastinate in your tasks? What if you always cause offense? Or if you do not leave the phone from your hands!


Bad habits do not necessarily mean alcohol or drug addiction. But it could mean addiction to using your smartphone, addiction to browse social media without a goal or benefit, or addiction to pronouncing obscene words. But what are the most famous of these behaviors that eventually become habits? And why do we get used to it until it becomes an ingrained habit? How can these habits be eliminated? In this report we will answer all these questions and guide you to the best way to get rid of bad habits.

The most common negative behavior, and why did it become habits in the end?

There are many negative behaviors that may harm those around us, but we practice them in our daily lives until habits become difficult to abandon. Like gossip, not keeping promises, delaying postponing tasks, and others. Among the most common are:

Procrastination and delay in performing your duties

One of the worst habits ever is delaying the tasks that you must perform, whether it is at work or studying, always the fastest way to failure is procrastination and delay. Because not completing your tasks on time leaves a bad impression on those who work with you that you are neglected, and do not respect your appointments. It may cause you serious professional harm.

It is also difficult to determine the motivation behind procrastination but there are some common causes such as fear of failure or success, fear of the consequences of decision-making, or rebellion over the control of parents or bosses. So whatever the reason or cause of procrastination, if you are stalling, you are in real trouble. Now it is imperative to set clear goals to complete the tasks on time, and reward yourself when you commit and accomplish the tasks assigned to you.


Eat fast food at night

One of the most bad habits facing most of us, eating high-calorie fast food at night, and its negative consequences on health, raising the level of sugar, as well as cholesterol in the blood, causing heart disease and pressure. It also causes an increase in body weight, so the person becomes obese. The reason we eat these meals is because foods that contain fats and carbohydrates make us feel good and happy. This is because it raises the mood and excretes neurotransmitters such as "serotonin" and "anandamide" where the effect of these chemicals on the brain is considered as the effect of opioids that reduce stress and psychological stress, but their effect quickly disappears, then we feel guilt and gain weight, then Obesity, then try to lose weight diet. The matter from the beginning is not worth the trouble that this night scourge causes.

Biting nails with teeth

Tension, anxiety, behavior disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder are closely related to nail biting. It is one of the worst habits that some people take as a way to confront stress and anxiety without solving the main problem. In addition to being a completely unhealthy habit, it can cause parasitic and bacterial diseases if you don't care about the hygiene of your nails. So if you have this bad habit, first take care of the cleanliness of your nails and then take the step by step to get rid of this negative habit.

So, if you have a bad habit, how do you get rid of it?

Each of us suffers from the problem of change, the difficulty of breaking bad habits, and the difficulty of replacing them with other good ones. But if you have some bad habits or wrong behaviors, here are some steps to help you change. But before all these steps, the decision must come from you and your will. If you are looking for the first step to get rid of bad habits, the first step is awareness of the problem, so make awareness of the problem preoccupies you instead of feeling guilty. Then ask yourself:

When, where, and with whom do you practice these bad habits?

What motivates you to do it? When you answer these questions, you become more aware of the problem, and you can start to solve it from now. So follow these steps until you are able to give up those bad habits:

Choose an alternative to this bad habit

You must have an alternative plan to replace the habit you want to get rid of. This plan contains the things that you will do when you get bored or stressed when you need the old habit. If you want to quit smoking then you must do alternative things such as exercising, doing breathing exercises, reading a book, visiting your relatives. Always go for coffee in non-smoking places, write a story you wanted to write for a while, or practice one of your favorite hobbies.

Avoid stimuli as much as possible

It is easy to avoid bad habits by ignoring the triggers of this bad habit, if you are used to eating calorie foods at night when you enter the kitchen, try as much as possible to avoid entering the kitchen. Or if you are used to smoking while drinking coffee, try to reduce your daily coffee intake. This is because the environment and the climate in which you practice this bad habit are the biggest motivators for that habit, so you must change this environment in order to overcome your bad habits.

Join another person who has the same problem

Joining another person as a friend, colleague, or brother who has this same bad habit makes you more excited and disposable, Each of you becomes a watchdog over the other, holding each other accountable and competing with each other to get rid of the bad habit, then celebrate together by triumphing to get rid of bad habits.

Join yourself to the people who live the way you want

I never told you to give up your old friends, co-workers, or the people around you. But when you are surrounded around the way you want to live make change easy, it does not take you much time


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