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Personal development goals (Lead, Manag)

Personal development at work

personal development at work

Today, personal development has become an important, if not essential, basis for growing a business. This is because it has many privileges!

So why not use them now and become a model of beginning and productivity?

I explain here, in a few points, benefits of leadership development for your company.

Personal development, what is it exactly?
The subject is vast, but I promise, I am short!

Since the advent of humanist psychology founded mainly by Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow the individual development plan for employees has become essential. This development is characterized by:
  • Positive change
  • Emotional development, and soft skills
  • Deepening knowledge, or
  • ways to improve communication skills.
So many axes, which reframe the human in the center of oneself.
As you will have understood, within the framework of work, the objective of personal development goals for leaders in a company is to:
  • Ways to improve productivity and efficiency in manufacturing, trading ... his life,
  • Boost your career,
  • Take on new responsibilities,
  • Improve the way you manage your team,
  • Communicate better (visual communication)…
We therefore admit today that knowing yourself and your team allows you to feel good at work and to develop your business. That is good, that is what we want...

personal development goals for leaders

The main streams of personal development goals for leaders:

Let's go a little further. I know, I know I said it short. But let's dig deeper before tackling the benefits of personal development in business. We are only talking about currents validated by the scientific community.

  • Applied positive psychology:

This approach to psychology studies what makes people happy and gives meaning to their lives. This current therefore analyzes the conditions that contribute to the development or optimal functioning of individuals, groups and institutions. You see what I mean?

  • Transactional analysis AT:

Eric Berne is based on the three personalities: moral conscience, emotional and rational attitude. These define social relationships and relational exchanges, which he calls "transactions".
Based on these three "transactions", each adopted in turn, we act differently. This helps to understand what is played out in interactions between different people

  • Neuro linguistic programming meaning:

The best known and most used this method of personal development founded by John Grinder and Richard Bandler highlights that every individual has the necessary resources to change. It is a question of technique and will. Here we are…
Here it is, it's time to take out the tools, we will now work. Let's talk about the benefits of personal development at work!

  • Personal development goals for managers (Company)!

To develop your business, you must first work on people. Let me explain. The performance of your business depends on the performance of your team. And for a team to be successful, salary is no longer the only driver.

No, well-being at work is becoming more and more important when we question the motivations of our employees. And an important cause of employee resignation! Personal development at work therefore becomes a priority for those who want to ensure the well-being of their team.

But this is not the only reason that should push you to introduce personal development in your business. This allows the individual to better understand his emotional, cognitive and intellectual functioning. This improves your relationship with yourself and with others.

Personal development in business therefore offers:

  • know your self-worth,
  • Develop better stress management,
  • Facilitate the cohesion of groups within the company.

Moreover, believe me, this is exactly what you want for your workplace!

Personal development goals for managers: performance and productivity

Personal management development is advantageous at work, because not only does it improve interpersonal communication within this company, but it also has an impact on its performance and productivity.

To develop the performance of a company, it is necessary to take into account the skills and capacities of each member of his team. And who better placed than the management team to put in place the tools that provide the well-being sought by the individual in the workplace. So you can improve your business growth with a human resources and management model based on listening, empathy and recognition.

You will have already planted a seed by choosing the premises that will allow you to develop your activity. Now is the time to water this fertile ground and to grow the link between personal development and business development.

Four essential aspects to ensure personal development at work

There are four major axes to take into account when implementing a personal development policy in business. Strengths, weaknesses, self-confidence, charisma, so many avenues to explore when you want to improve. Because to improve, you have to know yourself and do a fine analysis of yourself.

  • The relation to oneself

To gain efficiency and develop well-being at work, it is important that your professional life is in harmony with your authentic self.
  • What are my strengths and weaknesses?
  • What are my career desires?
  • What is holding me back and why?
  • What motivates me?

  • My relationship to others

In order not to feel lost and isolated in the company, it is essential to harmonize our way of interacting with others. Whatever the context, it is essential to work on our relationship with others.

  • The relation to my experience

What is the weight of our experiences in our present actions and behaviors? All of these are the keys to being able to move forward better and overcome obstacles, to assert oneself, to assert an authority or a certain leadership, to step back or even rebuild oneself after a failure.

  • My relation to values

Being in harmony with his own convictions and values, both in his management style and in his adherence to those of the company is the foundation of real legitimacy and well-being in his position as manager.

Ready to implement a personal development policy in your company?

You now know the benefits of personal development at work and have a few tools at hand to get started. Moreover, this applies to entrepreneurial life! Being an entrepreneur does not mean being isolated. The partners and other collaborators expect from you the efficiency and serenity that will make your business a place of personal development, but also human.

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