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Watch, Film in Bruges


When you watch a movie - in Bruges - it appears to you at first glance that it is a boring movie that talks about a city and you will not enjoy it, but if you keep watching it, your opinion will change completely.

The film tells about Ray "Colin Farrell" a professional assassin who begins his first mission by accidentally killing a child, so he and his friend Ken "Brendan Gelson" also go to hide in Bruges in Belgium.

And here the camera view of the ancient city of Bruges begins with wonderful scenes that move away from boredom, to know that Ray cannot tolerate the city unlike Kane, who falls in love with her.

The viewer continues to know that Ray suffers from a remorse due to his killing of the child and is considering suicide. It is a contradiction that you find in many human figures. He does not suffer because he was killed but rather because he killed a child.

Harry Walters “Ralph Fiennes,” their leader, orders Kane to kill Ray's girlfriend as a punishment for killing the child.

The moment Kane goes to kill Ray, he finds himself trying to commit suicide, and prevents him in a wonderful scene that reminds you of the paradoxes in life

Kane smuggles Ray away from Bruges and tells Harry who comes to Bruges to punish Kane.

Harry, whose role Ralph Fiennes performed brilliantly, meets Ken who tries to convince him that Ray can change and he does not deserve to die, but Harry tells him that if he kills a child he will immediately kill himself in the same place.

Juveniles go back to Bruges and Kane tries to keep Harry away, but Harry kills him and chases Ray to the hotel where he resides.

Hotel owner Mary "is pregnant" does not allow Harry to climb, and at this moment Ray was able to kill Harry, but he did not do because he was afraid that Mary and her baby would be infected.

And the killers agree that Ray will jump into the riverfront facing his room, that Harry should try to chase him, and so keep Mary and her baby out of danger.

Harry chases and kills Ray, while a dwarf appears in a movie and dressed in baby clothes, Harry's bullets accidentally penetrate his head and explode it.

Harry thinks he accidentally killed a child, applies principles to himself, and kills himself.

I will not talk about the movie's musical background because you should hear it.

The film is of black comedy type, it won many awards, and Oscar was nominated for the best story.

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