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Keep Your Wits!

 Keep Your Wits!

Realistically, a number of the worst things on earth can become the simplest . For some, which will seem to be a stupid and insensitive thing to mention , but, life is nearly as good as we make it though therein aspect of perception, however we would like it to be an outdoor job. Opportunity can are available the shape of a drag , and really are available the shape of a seemingly bad problem. So, I can only humbly give this advice: Keep your wits. Keep your wits, because, realities that are great problems can become great solutions if we are calm and solution oriented.

I think sometimes about the very fact that life "throws curve balls, screw balls, and everything else" to use baseball terms. We always need to swing smartly at them, and even when a couple of misses and strikes happen, we must keep "working the bat until it connects with the ball".

Indeed, quitting the sport isn't the solution , but, approaching it differently always is.

I am only human, i buy discouraged like anyone, but the difference is that I keep my wits about me, and check out again later, no matter the past, no matter what others consider my failure, no matter the "snap judgements of anyone". that's the sole difference in character I even have , really. aside from that, i'm just another person who rolls with the punches and blows.

However "bloody" life and existence gets, if you lose your wits, you actually have lost everything, but if you retain your wits, you'll achieve everything and anything eventually.

Writing and speaking truth to power and reality I can honestly say that happiness is usually an indoor job of perception, "stuff", material gains and straightforward "getting" doesn't make happiness, it's genuinely generated from within.

Reality are some things we should always not resist, but at an equivalent time, it shouldn't run us over and take us down. the last word weakness is losing ourselves in pity. the last word strength is being good to ourselves especially strongly, that's the last word keeping of wits, being good to ourselves first in life and existence, being the simplest for ourselves and heroes to ourselves for starters. the remainder will add itself as we catch on right within ourselves.

I remember when my Dad said, "The neatest thing you'll be is honest, that's the golden gift to offer people." My Dad might not are the foremost "romantic" or "show-oriented" man within the world, but he was right that at the very least.

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