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Let Go And Something Better Will Come.

 Let Go And Something Better Will Come, i'm Following my very own Advice

Recently, I faced a crisis that doesn't seem so logically bad. The crisis was losing one among my portable digital players. Sure, attachment looks like an excellent thing while it's happening. once you lose something, especially something valuable, but indeed, replaceable. it's rather painful at the instant it happens. I mean some wild emotions undergo you, especially once you are outwardly calm and picked up about it.

Life goes on though, and it always pushes you to urge on with it, and it goes on with or without you, frustration or not.

It doesn't seem fair, on the other hand does the Bible verse "to them that have, more are going to be given and to those that haven't , what little they need are going to be taken away" seem fair either?

It has to be fair though, because that's how life logically work, and illustrates exactly what I mean by "B.I.B.L.E.", Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth! Sure, I could make this text all "warm and fuzzy" and fewer realistic, but would I be serving you honestly? No, i might not be serving you honestly and forthrightly.

Sure, I could tell you, it'll be fine if you shut your eyes, pray a couple of minutes and alter your frequency simply, but that might not be honest either, it doesn't work on behalf of me . All I can realistically say is my very own solution: work on being better next time realistically once I have the chance to and don't be attached to what was lost. If it's found, wonderful, i'm not against that. If it's not found and finishes up replaced, especially with something better, that's even better. Indeed, though, the worst thing in life and existence is attachment.

For example, B.B. King realized that his guitar "Lucille" was replaceable as an inanimate object, but he as an individual wasn't . If you're having the impression of thoughts i feel that you simply are thinking from that statement, you realize how life works. As long as you genuinely exist, material things are easily replaced, the consciousness behind them isn't . Sure, I might be less coldly realistic and more warm, but is life once you lose something "valuable". only you discover it or replace it with something better is it that way during a sense, but reality rears its head: Faith without action, consciousness and conscience behind it's dead. All else is gold turning into lead. As long as reality works and you're employed reality, you'll do what needs and needs to be done, therein order, however the mess seems to be.

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