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This cat's children were killed by a dog, but she adopted an unexpected (Dog)

Gertrude was a stray cat living on the streets of Puerto Benasco, Mexico, when a terrible animal attack caused her to cling to life.

Cats and dogs haven't exactly been the closest of friends, but Gertrude was minding her own business when she was attacked by a pack of untamed dogs. Left to defend herself, an area woman discovered Gertrude and rushed her to the Compassion borderless veterinary clinic. At the clinic, vets quickly discovered that Gertrude had been pregnant which the attack cost her the babies.

After her difficult history with dogs, the last animal Gertrude would be expected to befriend at the clinic was a puppy, but that's exactly what happened. Clementine arrived with two other puppies who unfortunately didn't survive, but the stray dog quickly found a motherly figure in Gertrude.

Gertrude might be heard meowing and making chirping noises whenever Clementine was anywhere near her.

This unexpected friendship is so sweet with words.

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