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Moroccan cultures and traditions

 Moroccan cultures and traditions

Culture is a major tourist asset in Morocco, even if the latter has many other strengths, particularly in the seaside, eco-tourism, leisure and geographic sectors. Morocco has a unique culture shaped by several influences. It has also been able to highlight its traditions while developing a modernity allowing it to shine more on the world stage.

Moroccan hospitality

With a population that has Berbers, Arabs, Andalusians, Muslims and Jews, Morocco is animated by an interesting multiculturalism. And as altogether cosmopolitan places, each community has its own customs, but also common traditions. Hospitality remains one of the common denominators that unite the Moroccan people.

All tourists visiting the land of the far sunset have surely noticed that the art of hospitality occupies a central place within the local culture. Usually issued with sincerity, it takes several forms: from an invitation to take the famous tea to an invitation to a celebration, including the place that you are spontaneously offered around a succulent family tagine.

Hospitality is so important that refusing an invitation can sometimes be seen as an offense. Accepting these affable gestures also increases your chances of having great encounters and really learning more about the kingdom.

A multiculturalism which contributes to the notoriety of the country

It is therefore logical that Morocco has bet on its multiculturalism to assert itself as a spot of international creativity. Today he is recognized in the fields of fashion, cinema, music, etc. The major cultural events that it organizes annually , including the Marrakech International festival , the Marrakech Popular Arts Festival and therefore the Mawazine-Rythmes du Monde Festival bear witness to the present .

However, the cultural differences between the Maghreb and the West mean that you need to be well informed about the basic rules of good manners to respect during your stay. For example, you have to take off your shoes before entering a Moroccan home, when you see shoes lying on a carpet at the entrance. Even slightly stripped clothes, even men's shorts and flip-flops, are also prohibited in some places. In addition, couples, even foreigners, should not kiss in a public place, as it can be frowned upon.

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