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How to make your cat happy ?

4 EASY ways to make your cat HAPPIER!

1. Motivate your pet cat to remain active

Most people have overweight problems with their waistlines continuing to expand and sadly, their pets also experience an equivalent issues.

According to a current study, about 55% of pet cats nowadays are overweight.

This is caused by 3 main issues like having a sedentary lifestyle, high calorie diet and too many treats.

When cat owners let their felines play and exercise tons also plus provide them the specified daily caloric meals, their cat will stay healthy and live longer rather than having a shorter lifespan also as pricey, medication problems.

Even the only cat toys can transform a fat, lethargic cat to a lean, active feline.

2. Bring the cat outdoors to urge fresh air and sunshine

Cat lovers might not completely agree on whether the indoors or the outside are better for his or her pet cats.

No matter what they choose , they ought to confirm to supply their kitty with a secure means to enjoy fresh air and sunshine.

They can consider fixing an indoor cattery or catio to guard their cat while it's outside.

3. Build something high, where your cat can climb, hide and observe

The felines of today come from an extended lineage of domestic cats that go back to 12,000 years.

Based on the invention of researchers, all of this domestic pet cats come from one ancestor: Felis sylvestris lybica, an ancient wildcat from Africa.

This African wildcat still exists so far that's why they're conversant in it.

Its prominent feature, which makes it stand out, is its small size.

Since it originated from a wild setting, the African wildcat is understood to be a predator and prey.

The African wildcat as predator, climbed up high within the trees/hills to cover and steel oneself against approaching prey. As a prey, it climbed up to seek out shelter in high places where large predators couldn't follow.

So, what does this mean to cat owners and their pet felines? These modern housecats long to possess a high, topographic point . it's natural for a few agile cats to climb up to the highest of a bookcase or refrigerator.

4. Provide something for the pet cat to scratch their claws on

A cat's claw will continually grow.

Since their claws aren't clipped too often, they file their claws by scratching them on any surface.

This behavior, which was inherited from its ancestors, offers more benefits than simply trimming their nails.

So, to guard a home's furniture and cushions, among others, they will give their cat its own scratching surfaces.

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